Q: I know water mains are being installed, but is sewer being installed also?

A: No. The sole purpose of this project is to provide the community of Moose Creek with clean, potable water.

Q: How much can I expect my monthly water bill to be?

A: The North Pole Utility is a metered system; every customer has a water meter. Utility bills are based upon monthly water meter readings. The average North Pole Utility residential water customer uses 2,500 gallons per month with an average monthly water bill of $58.00. Your bill will be based upon how much water you use.

The City of North Pole’s 2019 utility rates can be found at https://www.northpolealaska.com/utilities/page/2019-utility-rates-0.

Q: How is the service line routed from the main to my house?

A: Starting in late August, 2019, a link will be made available on this website to schedule a site visit from a design engineer. The engineer will note obstructions to avoid (such as leach fields, gardens, buried fuel tanks, etc.) and determine the best service line route and point of entry into your home.

Q: Will I incur any out of pocket expenses related to the hookup?

A: No.

Q: What happens to my well and the water treatment equipment the Air Force installed?

A: As part of the hook up to city water, the contractor installing the service to your home will also remove the existing water treatment equipment and decommission your well.

Q: After the water service is installed to my house, will the contractor fix my yard where the line was installed?

A: Yes. Care will be taken during the design process to route services in such a way as to minimize impacts to property. However, all areas disturbed during construction will be restored to their previous condition. This includes replanting grass, patching asphalt, and regrading driveways, as necessary.

Q: I heard the City of North Pole wanted Moose Creek hooked to their water system so they could justify annexing the community to increase their tax base. Is this true?

A: No. The City of North Pole has no interest in annexing Moose Creek. Annexing and providing services to the community of Moose Creek would actually be a financial expense for the City as the tax revenue collected from the community of Moose Creek would not cover the increase in expenses associated with the increased service area. Additionally, with no boundary of the City of North Pole adjacent to the community of Moose Creek, the Alaska Regulatory Commission would not authorize such an annexation.